Chocolate playdough cupcakes

Of all the playdough recipe variations we make I think this chocolate playdough recipe smells the best!

Homemade chocolate play dough recipe

We usually make a no cook playdough recipe, as it’s the quickest and easiest to make, but this time we went with a cooked recipe. Here’s our version of an easy chocolate playdough, with some serving suggestions to go with it.easy chocolate playdough recipe cakes

Easy chocolate playdough recipe


2 cups of water

1 1/2 cups of plain flour

1/2 cup of cocoa

1 cup of salt

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

1 1/2 tablespoons of cream of tartar

Stir up all the ingredients in a saucepan, over a low heat, until the dough forms. Allow the playdough to cool and then you’re ready to play.

This makes  a dark chocolate coloured playdough with a great smell. If you’d like to make it milder just use more flour and less cocoa, making sure you use 2 cups of the flour/cocoa combination in total. The playdough looks and smells good enough to eat, but of course it isn’t, so make sure the children understand this dough is only pretend.

How to play with your chocolate playdough

playdough ideas

We set up a cupcake bakery, using:

:: pretty cupcake liners and dainty doilies

:: beads and foil confetti shapes, served up using sugar tongs (which were declared ‘posh’)

:: birthday candles

easy chocolate playdough recipe cupcakes

A whole year of play dough recipes

Love play dough? Come and take a look at The Homemade Play Dough Recipe book which has a whole year of play dough recipes and play ideas you can enjoy with your children.

homemade play dough recipes


  1. says

    Nom nom nom! Nothing quite like playdough cupcakes. I think we need to go and make some more!!!! Yours look fabulous and pretty :-)

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. says

    We also made chocolate play dough this week, its a great activity! :) Love how you made little cupcakes and decorated with sequins, we’ll have to try that next!

  3. says

    They look great! and I bet smell a lot better than my garlic play dough! I think my 3 would try to eat it though :-) Thanks for linking up to Fun Sparks. x

  4. says

    We made this today, it was excellent, I had no sequins so we used real cake sprinkles! I was quite impressed J (now 2 and a half) didn’t try eating it!

  5. says

    I think the best thing about homemade playdough is that I don’t have to worry if my 16-month-old tries to eat it. (As he does with EVERYTHING.) What’s in there that might hurt him? Once he gives it a taste he knows it doesn’t taste good.

    I think I’m going to try this with my kids tomorrow. They will love it.

  6. says

    Looking forward to the playdough pledge this week – found this recipe in my usual quick search for playdough recipes and now my house smells fabulous and my mouth is watering and I can’t wait to make playdough cupcakes later on lol!! May have to bake some “real” cupcakes now haha!

  7. says

    Oh Cathy! I look SOO forward to trying this recipe Right Now! We’ve finally managed to perfect ‘the playdough recipe’ (well, the cooked one anyway..LOL after 4 months of trying) and we’re having a fun cold indoor tea party with homemade clay figure guests and serving, you guessed it, “hot chocolate playdough” cupcakes! Share my photos on Instagram @j_nine_34
    .. PS got my book and all is amazing! Thank you again for all of your continued worldwide inspiration!!!!!

    • says

      Hi Susan. I think some people use alum or a squeeze of lemon juice. But you can also just leave it out completely. The dough might not last as long, but it will be fine for a few playtimes.

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