Paper plate Christmas angel

Easy paper plate angel Christmas craft for kids

This paper plate Christmas angel is one of our special Advent Activities.

How to make a paper plate Christmas angel

Isn’t she pretty? Just what you need to grace the top of your Christmas tree -and easy-peasy to make. All you need is:

a paper plate




stickers / pens to decorate

glue and glitter for added sparkle

How to make your paper plate angel

1. Draw the outline shown below on your paper plate (on the side you’d put the food).

paper plate angel

2. Cut along the lines.

paper plate angel

3. On the reverse side draw on a face and arms and decorate as you wish.

paper plate angel

4. Fold back the body part and staple at the back.

paper plate angel


5. If you want your angel to stand on a flat surface you can weight the front with a little blue tac – or she can take her place at the top of the tree.
paper plate angel

Here are the children’s masterpieces – aren’t they beautiful?
paper plate angel
paper plate angel

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