Chinese lantern scissor skills

These paper lanterns are a great way for young children to practise their scissor skills and perfect for decorating the house in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations on February 19th 2015. Red is the traditional celebration colour in China but as the lanterns look so good you might like to make some in your child’s favourite colour and string them up to decorate their bedroom too.chinese lanterns paper lanterns - great scissor skills activity and fun Chinese New Year craft

To make one you will need: 2 sheets of paper, scissors, sticky tape or glue (and pens/pencils if you want to add any embellishments)

Following the above pictures clockwise from top left:

Step 1: Fold one sheet of paper in half lengthways

Step 2: Cut lines along the FOLDED length of the paper, but not all the way to the unfolded edge or you’ll just end up with ribbons. I drew lines on the paper for my daughter to follow. She’s just getting the hang of scissors so this was a great craft to let her make something with the scissors which she could pretty much manage all by herself.

Step 3: Open out the paper

Step 4: Add any drawing you like to decorate you lantern.

Step 5: Roll up the lantern and stick the ends together with sticky tape (you could use glue, but you know my daughter won’t wait for it to dry!).

Step 6: Cut a thin strip of paper from the other sheet and stick it on to make the handle. Then string them up to decorate your room

chinese paper lanterns


  1. r4 revolution says

    I like Chinese lantern and its really good that we can make it at home.I think its very easy to make this lantern and you have given good steps for it.Thank you very much for such nice post.

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