Apple printing pumpkins

Here’s a simple Halloween craft :: apple print pumpkins.
simple halloween craft :: apple print pumpkins

Apple print pumpkins

It’s the season for apple printing: around the blog world this week I’ve seen some lovely apple trees and apple wreaths. We decided to get started our our Halloween decorations and turn our apple prints into pumpkins.

The apple halves can be a little tricky to grasp hold off, so we used a fork as a handle. We cut out our pumpkin eyes and faces from black sugar paper and stuck them on while the paint was wet – no glue needed.

Once they are dry you can cut out your pumpkins, glue on a lollypop stick and you have some cute Halloween bookmarks. We’re also going to use the rest of ours to update our number line.

pumpkin bookmark

Free Autumn Printable

This Thanksgiving printable is great autumn journal page, and also makes a lovely placemat for the Thanksgiving table.

It’s free to download here.

Thanksgiving coloring pages printable

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