Activities with conkers

If your children are anything like mine, come autumn and the house begins to fill with conkers. But what to do with them? The girls enjoy using them in their play, however their imaginations take them: this week L’s had a class of conkers which she’s been bossing around and reading stories too!

If you’d like to give the kids a blast from our childhoods, how about reminding them of the rules of playing conkers? My article over at Ready for Ten has some tips on how to pick a winning conker.

conker weaving1

And how about trying some conker weaving. Hannah at Home Baked shared a photo of some beautiful conker webs she’d made this week. We were inspired to try some ourselves and even had a go at making conker baskets. A little fiddly for my 4 year old, but my 7 year old sat for over an hour tonight making and making and making them. Hop on over to my other blog, homemademummy if you’d like to see how ours turned out.

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