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It’s fairy week on NurtureStore! We celebrated my daughter’s seventh birthday last weekend with a fairy party, with lots of fairy-themed food, crafts and play. I have some lovely, simple-to-do, full-of-play ideas to share with you this week, starting with today’s idea: how to make a fairy!A lovely way to make a beautiful fairy. So simple, kids can make their own designs.

Make a fairy {Waldorf Steiner play}

These little fairies are great for young children to make because they are easy to do, each child can make a fairy just how they imagine them to be and, even better, they have a little character to play with once the designing and making is done. {They’re great to pop in party bags to take home too.}

To make one you will need either some store-bought wooden peg doll pieces, or {super DIY version} some old-fashioned clothes pegs with the peg-bits cut off with a hacksaw. A pack of old-fashioned pegs cost us less than £1, and my 10-year-old was put in charge of cutting them down to size. make a fairy waldorf steiner To customise your fairies you will need: pens {we used permanent markers}, paper and fabric for clothes, card to make wings, yarn for hair. You could use a craft glue to stick everything together but, if you have it, double-sided sticky tape is much better – no mess, and you don’t need to wait for anything to dry. make a fairy waldorf steiner The children drew on faces and wrapped origami paper and pieces of felt around their fairies to make clothes. They folded up lengths of yarn to make hair, tied the threads in the centre to hold them together, and then used the double-sided sticky tape to fasten it on to the peg fairy’s head. make a fairy waldorf steiner They cut out wing shapes from card or felt, adding glitter glue, and again used the double-sided sticky tape to fasten the wings on to the back of the fairy. {come back tomorrow to see how we made the fairy houses} make a fairy waldorf steiner The fairies were very simple to make and each child can create just the design they imagine for their own character. My 7-year-old discovered that if you make the dresses a little loose you can create a whole wardrobe of fashions and your fairy can keep changing her outfit!

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    This is brilliant – I love the tip about double-sided tape. Perhaps we’ll try it during the next playdate.

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      Hi Natalie! Yes the tape makes things so much easier and my kids never want to wait for glue to dry when they are ready to play!

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    We both have it all going on when it comes to fairies this week, Cathy! I’ve just linked to you in my fairy soup post!

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      Ooh, there must be a lot of magic in the air Jackie. You didn’t use glitter, did you? I’m heading straight over for a look!