Outer Space Playdough

black no cook playdough
Running low on supplies, the only food colouring in the cupboard for our playdough recipe today was: black. Hmm… what could we make with black playdough?

We used our favourite easy no cook playdough recipe and added the black colouring and plenty of glitter.

L said it looked like a planet from outer space – so we searched out some other alien items to play with.
what to use with playdough

Tin foil, silver balls, icing nozzles.

ideas for playdough space theme

Bubble wrap, tin foil and drinking straws.

Playdough is a wonderful play resource all round and today’s play showed how great it is for language play. ‘Look at my playdough Mummy – it’s got a tale to tell.’

easy no cook playdough recipe

‘This alien is called Pooter and she lives on this planet. She is very shy.’

playdough space theme activites

‘This is the king with his tribe.’

easy no cook playdough recipe ideas

‘Pooter likes to rest in the shade of the pooli pooli trees.’

Get the book!

play dough recipe

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