Preschool car wash

Why not? ….  add some bubbles to your water play today and set up a carwash in the garden?

Include some washing up sponges and scrubbers and get your trikes sparkly and clean.

And how about giving the children a purse with some coins so they can count out and pay for their carwash?

More fun doing maths this way than with a worksheet!


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    It is so cold here at the moment I’m shivering at the car wash outside idea. But I can see it being great fun in warmer weather. Will have to bookmark for summer.

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    Yep, like Marita it is a little cold down here to think of a car wash but my little boy would love this come summertime…Im jealous of your sunshine! Great idea to use the money as well, Perhaps, they can come wash my car when they are done? The rain is keeping is reasonably clean but the inside could do with a vacuum…hee hee

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    Growing up we lived in a small neighborhood and my Opa(grandfather) lived across the street. On saturdays it was waterhose day. We would wash the car, his tractor, the concrete porches and whatever got in our path. Thanks for your post it put a smile on my face. :)

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    Winter here too, but car washing is great! We’ve let Princess was the car with Dadda and she was so proud of herself! And what better way to stay cool on a sunny day then helping mum and dad do the jobs :)

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