Post-it Note activities on the go #FullofLife

For great play ideas on the go, pop a pack of 3M Full Adhesive Notes in your bag and try these Post-it Note activities.

post it note play activities

Post-it Note Activities on the go

3M Post-it Notes have recently launched a special kind of  Full Adhesive Notes. The extra adhesive surface means the notes stick better and for longer – so they’re great for play.

3M challenged me to come up with some fun ways to use the Full Adhesive Notes, and I figured they are the perfect thing for activities on the go. It’s so easy to pop a pack in your bag or pocket, and then you have them ready for play anywhere: on the train, waiting in the doctor’s surgery, at the table in a restaurant while you and the kids are waiting for your meal.

Post-it Note train track

Do you like the train track idea? It’s so easy to make, with a pack of Full Adhesive notes and a marker pen. You can do the drawing while your child sets out the track in all directions, across the floor, table or even the wall or window. And because the Full Adhesive notes have extra stick, they don’t curl up at the edges – much better for playing trains with!

post it note play games

Post-it Note Puppets

The Full Adhesive Notes are also great for making a set of playful puppets. Use a marker pen to draw some characters, and then you can use whatever you have on hand, to turn them into stand-up puppets. Because they adhere more than a regular Post-it Note, you can stick them to a variety of surfaces – including a smooth and shiny pepper pot! – and they don’t fall off in the middle of your play.

post it note activities for kids

Post-it Note Monster Game

Another fun way to use them is this Monster Game.  Each player takes three Post-it Notes and draws a face, body and legs onto each section.  Then you can swap all the monsters around and see what funny creatures you come up with when they’re all mixed up. It’s another idea you can play anywhere – even on the car window while you’re on a journey – and as these kind of notes don’t curl up, you can easily draw on your designs and clearly see the pictures.

post it note monster game

More Post-it Note ideas and freebies

Head over and like the Post-it Note Facebook page for more ideas for ways to use their notes, and watch out for news of how to get a free sample.

post it note art ideas

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    Absolutely love this. Recently discovered the humble post-it as a toy for my 11 month old, and this has fuelled my imagination even more, thanks!

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