Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

mad hatters tea party
A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was the perfect birthday party theme for my little bookworm. B turned nine last week and at the weekend we hosted a Book Party for her family and friends, with crazy food and fun activities. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was such fun to plan and prepare, with the kids excited about sharing the mad ideas with their friends.

All the invitations were little books, illustrated by B, with the story inside telling the tale of how all the guests were invited to a party. Everyone came dressed as a favourite book character – I was Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, although sadly no photos of that incarnation remain. I do have lots of photos of what we made and what we ate though, so here’s our round up of how we hosted a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

mad hatters tea party ideas
Apple juice was served in our fanciest tea pot and every guest had a weird and wonderful cup to drink from (sourced from family treasures and charity shops.)
mad hatters party
We froze grape juice in gold fish ice cube trays and served them to guests with silver sugar tongs.
mad hatters party
One fish or two?
book birthday party
Pudding was do-it-yourself. I used my favourite cake recipe and gingerbread recipe to make the cupcakes and cookies in advance and then the children all decorated their own: some to eat at the party and some to take home too.
mad hatters party activities
As you can see, they are not of the less is more school of thought.
mad hatter's food
Like all the poshest parties, cucumber sandwiches were served, but with a Mad Hatter’s twist. (Thanks to Jackie for the inspiration)
mad hatter's tea party food
Edible golden bracelets were served on a china platter.
mad hatters birthday party
Ever eaten a hedgehog? A potato skewered with sausages on sticks – or even something as exotic as cheese and pineapple! – was a classic dish at birthday parties when I was a kid, and my girls thought it was fun. (Do hedgehogs have whiskers? We couldn’t decide.)
mad hatters party ideas
A rainbow on a stick was a healthy dessert option and bursting with colour. You could add a yellow section too if you don’t forget to buy the pineapple. (ahem)
mad hatters party ideas
We never have a birthday party without jelly.  In a rabbit mould (see first  photo) or in a jar the stripes look fabulous.
mad hatters birthday party food
This idea of putting individual portions of ice cream in silicone cupcake cases makes the easiest way to serve it – fun too. (Thanks for the idea Real Simple)
book party ideas
Homemade party bags were filled with book worms (thanks to Jessie for the idea)…
mad hatter's tea party
and Wonka chocolate bars, plus a note pad and pencil to write stories of their own.

Thank you so much to all of you who left lovely birthday wishes for B, she had a great Mad Hatter’s tea party.


  1. says

    This is so creative and looks like a lot of fun. I seriously love all of the details, but my favorites would have to be the hedgehog, the fish, and the bunny. Wait.. and the favors. Okay.. they’re really all my favorites. I bet she had a marvelous time. Great job! (Maybe I can casually leave this link out so my husband can see it, so he’ll throw me my first ever birthday party! I would love a Mad Hatters Tea Party. :) I’ve shared on Facebook and pinned. Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas.

  2. says

    How wonderful of a idea. A mad hatter party. What is the bracelets made with? I love the fruit Kabobs. You made a very cute party.


  3. Pam Bowes says

    Loved all the mad ideas! bet they had fun. Can’t wait to see my lovely granddaughters again. Feeling much better so hope to see you soon.
    Mum x

  4. Brandi says

    I “pinned” this to my classroom ideas page. Wouldn’t it be fun to do this after reading the book?!

  5. Samantha says

    How do you make the cucumber sandwiches without bread? What is the filling in between the cucumber slices?

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