Lollipop stick craft: Popsicle Playground

lollipop stick crafts

I talked yesterday about one of the golden rules for a happy school holiday being to provide some great supplies for the kids to use, so I thought today I’d show you what fabulous play (and learning) can happen when we give children materials to try out.

This is B’s idea for a lollipop stick craft: a Popsicle Park. Lollipop sticks, along with paper plates, toilet roll tubes and egg boxes, are one of the craft supplies we always have in stock, ready and waiting for when inspiration strikes and my master crafter needs to make something.

lollipop stick ideas

There’s lots to note about how B played with her lollipop sticks. She’s set out with a clear objective of building a park and problem solved her way to create the models she wanted.

She’s sourced materials which she’s familiar with, so she knows the different properties they offer – the lollipop sticks are firm enough to make a slide, the ribbon is flexible enough to bend to make the swing seat – but used them in a creative way to realise the idea she’s imagined.

Modelling gives her the chance to manipulate three-dimensional objects, to work with size and shapes and different planes – and create something fun to play with when she’s finished.

lollipop stick activities

She’s created a small world where her little animals can come to play and there was lots of chat between the characters as she played, giving her the opportunity to role play situations and relationships – such as when three animals wanted to use the seesaw at the same time and when someone fell off the slide and needed looking after.

lollipop stick crafts ideas

Having materials such as the lollipop sticks readily available gives her the opportunity to think and imagine and create – rather than only follow instructions or play with a toy the way someone else has prescribed. And providing child-friendly tools, such as a sticky tape dispenser which she can use all by herself, frees this play to be completely self-directed with out the need for any adult intervention.

If your children are modelling this summer, we would just love to see a picture of what they make – would you share a photo on our Facebook page? B and L will be over the moon if you do!

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