Jump to it! Leap Year activities


The leap year is a difficult concept for children to understand – and for parents to explain! But one thing children can enjoy is jumping for joy. Adding in lots of action makes learning fun and provides enjoyable leap year activities. Combining gross motor play such as jumping and leaping with other activities is great for children who are learning through their whole body.

Here are 12 fun jumping games just right for celebrating the leap year.

Leap year activities for children

Reading Confetti cut out lots of feet and went leaping across the room.

Toddler Approved set up a lily pad hop with lots of number play ideas.

Mama Pea Pod is jumping about in an alphabet lesson.

Creative Family Fun combines rhymes and action with some Jack Be Nimble play.

Mommy Labs mixes art and action with  suction cup painting.
leap year activities 1
We made some leap year art with water and food colouring in a spray bottle and saw how high we could jump.

Angelique Felix mixes jumping, listening skills and picture recognition with hopscotch.

The Imagination Tree made some big art with wellie boots.
leap year activities 2
We added ribbons for lots of dancing, swirling and leaping.

And used our whole bodies for some maths repeating pattern games.

Playing the animal action game invites you to hop like a frog and leap like a kangaroo.

Your turn now – what leaping games get your children jumping for joy?

Please share an idea or a link in the comments.


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