What kids learn when baking

kids cooking
The girls wanted to bake this weekend and I said sure – so long as they did it all themselves. There was a split second pause, as they weighed up whether I really meant all by themselves, and then a rush to choose which recipe they wanted to try.

We have a lovely little recipe book called 30 Easy Things to Cook and Eat which has great clear instructions, lots of pictures and a good selection of both sweet and savoury beginner recipes. (It’d make a great Christmas present and is available through our Amazon store.) They chose the chocolate crunch cake and while I discretely watched in the background, set about preparing, making and baking, just the two of them. It got me thinking about just how perfect cooking is as a fun learning activity as so many skills are involved.

What kids learn when baking 

kids cooking
They learn that reading has purpose and that maths has practical applications, as they follow instructions and weigh out ingredients.
kids cooking
They learn to take precautions, wearing aprons and making sure the cake doesn’t stick to the tin.
kids cooking
They learn through domestic science that heat is a catalyst and matter can change state.
kids cooking
They learn team work and to take turns, as one person holds and the other stirs.
kids cooking
They learn to think for themselves,have an opinion and take risks. Who says you can’t add marshmallows if you want to?
kids cooking
They learn the art of patience.
kids cooking
They learn the application of fractions and fair shares. And that good things do come to those who wait.

More kids cooking

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happily shared with it’s playtime


  1. says

    I love to bake with my eldest but now he’s getting a bit older, I must stop being such a perfectionist and let him do more of the actual baking and less of the tasting!

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Hi Egg dip dip. I find it all works more harmoniously if we have a designated ‘the kids are cooking’ time – where we’re not in a rush to get dinner made, or doing something a bit tricky….. then the girls have lots of time to enjoy themselves (and I don’t get stressed!)

  2. says

    What a great post and it is always so refreshing to come across others who have faith enough in their children to step back and really let them own an experience.

  3. says

    So true. It also provides ways to talk about healthy foods and the importance of eating food made with love instead of packaged and processed foods! The kiddies love baking with me, even if it means we don’t perfectly shaped cookies every time :)

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