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{Kids Art Explorers:} This year we are undertaking lots of different art experiments. We’re exploring materials, techniques and styles and seeing where our creativity takes us. We’re celebrating the process of art: trying new things, having a go, being daring, making mistakes. We’re interested in how things turn out but much more focused on the fun we have along the way. Want to join us?

Kids Art Explorers Project Four: Paper Free Art

Last month’s No Paintbrushes Allowed project was a big hit with the kids here. We tried drinking straw art and set up an alternative paint station. And lots of you joined in, helping to build a collection of ideas to give a whole year’s worth of kids painting ideas that encourage exploration of different materials.

Are you ready for a new project?

Most of the time I see children being invited to paint or draw they’re offered a piece of white paper, usually A4 or A3 in size. In our house, at preschool, at creche, at school this is what’s usually on offer. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s wonderful that the children are given the opportunity to draw. But you know, the Kids Art Explorers like to mix things up a little! So this month’s project is this : Paper Free Art.

What art could your children create if they ditched the small white paper and used something else as their canvass?

:: Leave the paper behind entirely and try using a wall, a floor, a tree trunk, a pebble, some fabric or a window instead

:: Use some paper but mix it up a little – be free! Try using newspaper, tissue paper or a huge long roll of wallpaper for a change

Share your art with us

When your children have made something, please come and share it with us. We’re celebrating kids art exploring so whatever you make, however it turns out, whether it’s complex, messy or simple, we would love to see it.

::  There is a linky here, so if you are a blogger please link up. The linky is open for a month, so link up when you’re ready. I’ll be sharing what my girls make over the next few weeks.

:: If you’re not a blogger, take a photo and post it on our Facebook page.

:: Your creations will be featured on the Kids Art Explorers Pinterest board, our very own on-line art gallery. You can have a look there now to get some ideas for paper free art you might like to try.


  1. says

    I love this. We have a fabric art project I’m hoping to do with my little guy soon, and he loves putting stickers on egg cartons (does that count as art?) We also love painting rocks around here as we have a gravel driveway. Can’t wait to join in.

  2. says

    The local school had all the older children paint a plank of wood each, they were then used to form the fence around part of the school. Looks good and its nice for the children to say “I painted that one”.

  3. says

    This is SUCH a wonderful idea for a challenge. I’m hoping we’ll get the chance next week when we go “screen free” to participate in this! I’ll make sure to share when we come back online!

    Thanks so much for sharing this art challenge on this week’s Kids Co-Op linky!

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