Frozen activities : make your own ice palace

I see many frozen activities in our future! My daughter hasn’t even seen the whole film yet and she’s already hooked. Here’s her guide to making your own frozen ice palace, for lots of sensory play and imaginary storytelling.

Frozen activities : how to make your own ice palace. Great for sensory play and imaginary play.

Frozen activities: make your own ice palace

We used lollipop containers to make the building blocks of our ice palace. You could freeze one large container of water to give you a big, solid castle (over on our Facebookpage, Anita suggested a castle-shaped sand bucket) but I knew my daughter would love designing her own layout, so we used lots of smaller shapes, giving us lots of loose parts to move around.

ice sensory play

I sprinkled some gold and silver glitter in the bottom of each section of the containers, filled them with water and popped them in the freezer overnight.

frozen activities ice play

They were a little tricky to get out of the containers at first, having no lollipops sticks to pull to help release them, but if you run them under the cold tap they soon pop out. We used a big towel as a play mat, to catch any drips, and I offered some shells and a silver tray too.

frozen activtities playing with iceThe ice blocks themselves look gorgeous, with the gold and silver glitter spread throughout the shapes. They make for really interesting sensory play on their own.

frozen ideas for kids

But my daughter loves storytelling, so it wasn’t long before she’d rounded up some favourite characters and started building her own frozen palace.

frozen ice palacePretend play like this, with some interesting sensory loose parts and just a few characters, really encourages children to use their imaginations and develop their language skills. It’s always interesting to listen in and hear how the characters are talking to each other.

frozen activities ice palace

Acting out a story that children are familiar with, whether it’s a traditional fairy tale, from a book or a film, is a good springboard into an activity like this. It gives them a starting point, and you can hear them recounting the story and sequencing the tale as they play. You can see elements from the original – below is the balcony scene – but it’s wonderful to see how children add their own twists – like these alternative characters! They might even sing along.

Frozen theme activities ice play

Is it a bit messy? Will there be a few drips and glitter on the floor at the end? Probably. But the benefits of messy play far outweigh the little cleaning up needed, so – let it go!

Frozen theme ideas for kids

More frozen activities

You can find a few official Disney Frozen activities here, where there are some colouring sheets. For more frozen activities and ideas on an ice theme, you might also like our DIY, let’s-get-creative approach! Try this idea for ice play using colored salt.

ice experimentsYou can add more colours and build ice sculptures.

ice art winter craftMake a snowman you can eat.

ice cream snowmanOr create your own winter wonderland.

ice skating winter imaginary play


An excellent resource of preschool activities, toghether with 10 printables. Includes math, literacy, art, science and play ideas for thre to fice year olds. Click through to download your copy.


  1. Sarah says

    Love this! This week we are hanging out with my son’s cousins and they are officially obsessed! Might give this a try one afternoon.

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