Eggheads with cress hair

We make these Eggheads with cress hair every year because the kids think they’re so funny. If you get them ready four or five days beforehand  they will have grown a full head of hair ready for the Easter weekend – which you can then snip off to enjoy with an egg sandwich.

Such a fun spring craft for kids - grow eggheads!

Eggheads with cress hair

You will need: empty egg shells (try to just break off the top to empty them, so you have a good size shell left to use), felt pens, stick-on wobbly eyes (optional), cotton wool, crees seeds, an empty egg box.

To make them:

1. Wash out the egg shells and sit them in the egg box to keep them steady (on a cotton wool cushion to raise them up a bit if you need to).

2. Draw on some crazy faces, using the goggly eyes if you’ve got some. You could do self-portraits or funny faces (or maybe that’s one and the same thing?)

3. Put some cotton wool inside the shells and dampen them with some water.

4. Sprinkle cress seeds all over the cotton wool – good coverage will give you a full head of hair.

eggheads cress hair eggs

5. Pop them on a windowsill and wait for the hair to sprout. It’ll only take a couple of days.

6. Add a little bit of water if the cotton wool dries out, but not too much.

You can also use grass seeds for this craft. This allows you to give the eggheads a haircut which will grow back ready for a restyle. However you can’t put the grass on your sandwiches!

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  1. says

    I do love these. We use to make them out of old stockings when I was little. We use to stitch on little felt eyes and make funny faces. It was great fun. A family Easter tradition. I am looking forward to continuing this tradition when my little ones are old enough.

  2. Amy @ Serving Pink Lemonade says

    What a great idea. My kids would get a kick out of this, and I’m sure it’s so much fun to watch the hair grow.

  3. Kathleen says

    I want to do this with my boys next week but could you tell me if cotton wool is the same as cotton balls? Thanks so much.

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Hi Kathleen – that’s right, exactly the same. We would love to see a photo of your egg men!

    • says

      Thanks Katie, glad you like them. In the UK cress seeds are easily available in food stores, garden centres, home stores….. Grass or cut-and-come-again lettuce seeds would be a good alternative if you can’t get cress.

    • says

      Hi Diane. In the UK cress seeds are very readily available, in many food stores and garden centres. You could substitute with grass seeds, alphalpha or a cut-and-come-again lettuce seed if you can’t find cress.

  4. Ina Osborn says

    How many egg heads does a packet of seeds make? I’m planning this for a large group and wondering how much seed I’ll need.

    • says

      With 300 seeds per pack? You only need a little sprinkling in each egg, but it’s going to depend on how (overly??) generous the children are when they add them. A pack of 300 seeds could easily do 10 eggs if you share them out.

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