16 Christmas tree crafts to try

christmas tree crafts

It’s amazing how many ways there are to make a Christmas tree craft. Here are some of my favourite Christmas tree ideas featuring lots of different styles and techniques to try out.

christmas tree craft
What I love about them especially, apart from the fact that they all look beautiful, it that they are all child-friendly, using materials you’re likely to already have at home. Click on the links below each picture to find out how the trees were made  and pick a few to try with your kids!

Christmas tree craft ideas

Above: make a Christmas tree craft with: sticks :: tissue paper :: paint chips ::melted crayon
christmas tree craft
Make a Christmas tree craft with a paper plate :: shapes :: lolly sticks :: playdough :: stickers 
christmas tree craft
Create an upright Christmas tree craft with cardboard :: paper plate :: buttons and nails :: doilies
christmas tree craftBeautiful keepsake Christmas tree crafts using footprints :: handprints :: hands and jewels

More Christmas tree craft ideas

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