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Hey everyone! May I please introduce you all to my brand new book, The Garden Classroom. I’m so excited to share it with you because I’m hoping it will be exactly what you need to help your fill your children’s spring, summer and beyond with lots of hands-on learning inspired by the garden.

Regular readers will be familiar with my collection of ebooks, but The Garden Classroom is my first print book, and it contains a whole year’s worth of science and math, reading and writing, imaginative play, and arts and crafts all, through garden-based activities.

Want to come and a look at it? Click through and have a look – and you can download a lovely free Garden Journal to use with your children.

And if you like the look of it, will you help me spread the word about the book, and tell your friends and colleagues about it?

Thanks so much! ~~~ Cathy

Here’s this week’s Play Planner

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How to dye pasta for a rainbow sensory tub

A rainbow sensory tub is such a delight for the eyes and hands! Here’s how to dye pasta to make a lovely rainbow base for your play, along with some ideas you can use to explore the tub.

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Our Garden Classroom plan for 2015

Ready to plan your garden? Here’s how we’re using our Garden Classroom this year, with our small vegetable garden plan.

How to plan a small vegetable garden for a family

Our Garden Classroom plan for 2015

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The Garden Classroom

Transform your science and math, reading and writing, imaginative play, and arts and crafts all through garden-based activities. The Garden Classroom offers a whole year of outdoors play and learning ideas, however big or small your outdoor space – and comes with a lovely, free gift.

The Garden Classroom :: hands-on garden activities for kids including math, science, literacy and art

Welcome to The Garden Classroom

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What are your garden plans for spring? :: Play Planner

A free weekly play planner delivered straight to your email in box each week, with seven play-based learning ideas for the week ahead.

Tell me about your spring plans

Hey there! Did you have a good week with your kids? We had a great time celebrating Chinese New Year – we cooked up a feast and the girls loved grinding their own five-spice in our new pestle and mortar. Funny isn’t it, when they fall in love with something simple like a kitchen utensil. Who needs toys when you can play with a spice grinder!

Next week I have something I’m super excited about – I’ll tell you about my new book! But for this week, I hope you like the ideas I’ve picked out for the Play Planner. And there’s one thing I’d like to know from you: are you planning on doing some gardening with your children this spring? What’s your outdoor space like, and what plans do you have for it. Will you email me back and tell me a bit about your garden plans?

I’d love to hear from you.  –  Cathy

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Here’s this week’s Play Planner

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