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A month of simple play activities

Happy Christmas from NurtureStore – and news for 2015!

Happy Christmas everyone! Thank you so much for reading and playing along with NurtureStore this year. I hope you have a wonderful week, whether your family celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice or any other variation of winter festivities.

But, wait… 2015 beckons! Want to join in with the Second Annual Simple Play Celebration? It’s back by popular demand and on 5th January we’ll be kicking off a whole month of Simple Play with a great community event.

How YOU join in with #simpleplay

The Simple Play :: complex learning series is a special month of play-based learning ideas from NurtureStore. We’re going back to basics and putting play at the heart of childhood. The philosophy is to offer space, time and opportunity for simple play, to encourage our children’s creativity, enjoyment and complex learning.

Join us! Try one, a few or all of the days’ activities with us. Take a photo and share with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #simpleplay. You can find out more here.

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Here’s this week’s Play Planner

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Christmas play dough recipe

This Christmas play dough recipe is inspired by the Christmas-flavoured sugar I make each year to go on our Christmas-movie-popcorn. The sugar smells exactly like Christmas, with a blend of herbs and spices that fills the house with a festive feeling and, as I often have play dough on my brain, I thought why not try it for a Christmas play dough recipe?

Super Christmas play dough recipe - smells like Christmas spices. Great for sensory play and fine motor skills activities

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Snow playdough recipe

snow play dough
Winter’s on the way – time to break out the snow playdough recipe.

Based our our favourite no cook play dough recipe, this snow version has one important variation: we use corn flour instead of regular flour, to get a much whiter dough. And of course we added lots of sliver glitter to give a frosty sparkle to the dough.

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100 colours hundred square activities

Combine math with art in one of our favourite hundred square activities – can you make 100 colours?

So pretty! Love this 100 colours challenge - great art and math activity, great STEAM activity

100 colours hundred square activities

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Frozen sensory tub

Inspired by the film we’re all crazy about, and packed with lots of sensory play and a dash of maths, here’s a frozen sensory tub that’s been a big hit with my daughter.

Frozen sensory tub - plus extra frozen activities

Frozen sensory tub

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