write a letter to Santa

Here are some ideas on how to make writing your letter to Santa a learning experience.

peeling stickers

1. Making a card is great exercise for little fingers – peeling stickers,cutting, drawing, writing, fitting the card into an envelope are all good ways to work on your child’s fine motor skills and improve dexterity.

fitting into envelope

2. Help your child to write the letter. Talk about how we start (Dear…) and finish (Love from…) a letter. Even if you have a very young child let them have a try at ‘writing’ their name – maybe they can just make a mark or do the first letter of their name. What’s important is to encourage them to try and value what they can manage. They’re learning how to hold a pencil and that writing has a purpose.

letter to Santa

3. Talk about how every envelope needs to be addressed. Do they know their own address? Do they know Santa’s? (‘Father Christmas, The North Pole’ works for us). If you have a map or, even better, a globe show them where the North Pole is. You can see some pictures of the North Pole here and  here

north pola address

4. Go and buy your stamp, pop it on the letter and post it. Talk about the postman who’ll collect it and how it’ll find it’s way to the North Pole.

posting a letter

Hope you get what you asked for!

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