Make a fairy land :: Waldorf Steiner play

Day three of fairy week, and today I’ll show you how we made an imaginary play fairy land.Amazing! Make a DIY magic fairy land - fantastic for imaginary play and storytelling.

Make a fairy land :: Waldorf Steiner play

If you’ve been following along with our fairy week, you’ll know we made fairies and fairy houses. This magic fairy land was a place to gather together all the characters, for lots of imaginary play and story telling.

We started off with a big, flat cardboard box, and sketched out the different areas of our fairy land: pools and rivers, forests and meadows, a village, a camp fire and a dragon’s lair.

make a fairy waldorf steiner

Then we used water-based poster paint to bring the sketches to life.

make a fairy waldorf steiner

It was so great to have a such a large-scale area to paint on. Depending on who’s painting you might like to mark out the borders of each area and let the children fill in the spaces, or hand-over to the kids and let them do it all. The only problem we had was keeping our cat from walking over the wet paint! {But using water-based poster paint meant the paint did dry very quickly – within an hour or so.}

make a fairy land waldorf steiner

For an extra magical touch we spread glue along all the pathways and sprinkled on fairy dust a.k.a. glitter. That way, when the moonlight shines the fairies will be able to find their way along the magic paths.

fairy land

We made some trees from card and paper rolls. We drew the leaf shapes out on the card and added all sorts of different designs using every green pencil and crayon we had. {Spot my loveheart fan at work again!}. Then we cut slits at either side of the paper roll trunk, so we could slip in the top of the trees. A little play dough at the base gave just enough support so the trees didn’t keep falling over as the children played in the fairy land. A sign post made out of wooden craft sticks let us add a little reading and writing to the play – and meant the fairies wouldn’t get lost.

fairy land waldorf steiner

We used some stick -edging from the garden centre to mark out the village and added some bunting – it was for a birthday party after all! We added in our fairy houses and the fairies themselves, and they seemed quite at home. Then it was time to play!

fairy land waldorf steiner

The fairies discovered a friendly dragon living in a broken plant  pot in the forest – and he granted magic powers to everyone who came to visit him.

fairy well

My daughter made a wishing well from card and craft sticks, so everyone could have a cool drink.

fairy land steiner

And the fairies gathered round the campfire to enjoy the rest of the party celebrations. (Spot the left-over pieces from making our fairies out of pegs, re-used to make the fire!}

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