Under the sea play dough


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Under the sea playdough recipe

Play dough is an essential part of the play that happens in our house – so easy to make, so open to possibilities and such a springboard into lots of imaginary play and chat. With B away at Brownie camp L had all the playdough to herself this weekend.

playdough recipe seaside theme

What can you make with our favourite play dough recipe in blue and green and a box of shells? We dived under the waves and made a whole ocean.
playdough recipe
First L laid the playdough out in strips and then rolled them all flat to create her ocean bed and sandy shoreline.
playdough recipe
She added a kelp forest with a sandy floor.
playdough recipe
And a rock pool on the beach.
playdough recipe
A coral reef was built from the shells.
playdough recipe
A shoal of tin foil fish swam in.
play dough seaside
And a ray was spotted on the reef.

Have you ever made an ocean with your playdough?

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play dough recipe

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