Starting school 101: what your child really needs to know

starting school tips

This time last year L was starting school. I felt it was a huge step she was taking and she breezed through it merrily! We’d spent a little time playing and practising some practical things to help with starting school, which I think really helped her transition into reception.

If you have a child starting school (or even getting back into the school swing after a relaxed summer holiday), here are our tips

Getting ready to start school

Eating lunch at school: a masterclass in school dinners

Playtime 101: putting on your own coat and shoes

Read all about it: the best books about starting school

Learn to write your name: simple steps

Going places: make your own ‘get to school’ photographic map

School run 101: organise your morning school run




  1. says

    Thanks for this! I’ve really been looking for some tips and tricks for my little once cause she’s just about to start school :)

  2. says

    D. is starting school so this post has been very helpful. Thank you Cathy! I understand that these were written last year, before your lil one started. Is there anything else you’d like to add after having this experience? Anything you wish someone had told you before?

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Hi Isil. I think I’d add a reminder to parents to relax! I viewed starting school as such a big step but both my children took it completely in their stride. I think, especially as I’d been at home with them full time, it was a big transition for me and I’d have liked a reminder to just go with the flow – and certainly not to think of it as the end of particular stage in their/your life.

  3. says

    Thanks for reminding me this. Like you, I have been with D. all the time so starting school is very big for me. Especially because here in UK they start so early and spend almost the whole day at school.

  4. says

    My daughter is starting K next week, so this post is timely. I like the idea of practicing lunch – Anna had it in her preschool, but she always came home covered in yogurt. Perhaps we can practice to make sure she can eat more carefully.

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