St. David’s day craft

daffodil craft

Spring is in the air! Well almost, but you can cheat a bit and fill your house with gorgeous flowers with this idea for a daffodil windmill. It’s very easy to make and the children can have lots of fun blowing it and making it spin round. You can find full instructions for how to make one in our daffodil windmill tutorial.

They’re just the thing if you’re celebrating St. David’s Day, the patron saint of Wales, on March 1st. And if you are you might like this recipe for delicious Welsh cakes.

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    How lovely! We are making daffodils today as well! Ours are slightly less beautiful and a bit more cliched than your beauts. You can tell we are British 😉

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    Aaaah, you know I already LOVE this (as it is going into Spring Get Crafty next week). Love the combination of Daffodils, St David’s Day and of course pinwheels! LOVELY!

    Thanks for linking up too! Much appreciated!


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    This is a wonderful idea! We made pinwheels for peace, in the Fall and this would be a lovely tie-in to that, and a great way to welcome Spring! Thanks for the idea! : )

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