Super yummy ripe banana recipe

Here’s my super yummy recipe that does the trick at using up ripe bananas: blueberry and banana pancakes.Love this recipe for using up ripe bananas - yummy and sugar free!

Super yummy ripe banana recipe 

No child in my house would ever eat a banana that looks like this. They are not fussy eaters at all. They love broccoli, chomp green beans straight from the plants, and eat olives like they were sweets, but face-to-face with a slightly too ripe banana and they are deeply suspicious. Perhaps its some hang-over from generations past, who had to watch out for bad bananas in a jungle somewhere. But there’s no way I’m sending perfectly good bananas off to the compost bin. Not when I can make super yummy blueberry and banana pancakes.

ripe banana recipe

If you follow me on Instagram  (do come on over for a behind-the-scenes peek) you’ll know Monday morning in our house is pancake time. My children adore pancakes, so I always know this recipe will be a hit. As well as using up ripe bananas, it’s quick and easy to make. It’s got no sugar in it, and it also freezers really well – so you can cook, wrap, and freeze a whole load of them, ready for snack times and lunch bags for weeks to come.

Blueberry and banana pancakes

To make the blueberry and banana pancakes all you need to do is:

mix 8oz self raising flour, 1 pint of milk and 2 eggs in a big bowl.

If you haven’t got self raising flour you can use all purpose/plain flour with some baking power. Mix in a bit of liquid, a bit of flour, a bit of liquid, a bit of flour, whisking all the while, to get a nice, smooth batter.

use up ripe banans

Then mush up your bananas, and add them in to the pancake mix. I use three bananas for this quantity of pancake batter. {And looks children, there’s absolutely nothing wrong inside those ripe skins. Told you so.}

banana recipe

Heat up some oil or butter in a pan, over a medium heat, and ladle in some batter. Pop a few blueberries onto each pancake.

They’ll only take a few minutes to cook on one side, then flip them over to finish on the other. When they’re golden, they’re done.

ripe banana recipe

How’s that for a quick and yummy ripe banana recipe? You can eat them warm or cold. With a sprinkling of cinnamon on top – yum! With a scoop of ice cream – now you’re talking!

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What do you with over ripe bananas?

Got a great recipe to share? Tell us in the comments!


  1. says

    When I think of bananas, I think dessert- no question. If I don’t feel like making bread or muffins right away, I’ll either go for banana pudding parfaits with vanilla wafers and whipped cream or peel the bananas, throw them in the freezer and then blend them into banana ice cream. Who doesn’t like bananas? Blackened skin? Bring it on. I will find a use for you somehow, and you will be delicious!

  2. carol says

    That sound yummy. I like it when bananas are that ripe but I only have a day or two to eat them and this works perfect.

  3. says

    Thanks for great idea for our weekend breakfast))I try to cook those pancakes without eggs, because my younger son have an allergy.

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