Paper plate Easter basket craft

This paper plate Easter basket craft is really simple to make, but ever so pretty! And each child can add their own art to the design.

How to make an Easter basket paper plate craft - love how each child can add their own art to this.Paper plate Easter basket craft

To make our Easter baskets we used paper plates (two per child), paint, scissors and something to stick the basket together: either staples, sticky tape or glue. Adding white to our usual craft paints gave us a pretty selection of pastel Easter colours.

easter craftEach child painted their own design on to the ‘wrong’ side of the paper plate.  This side takes the paint better than the waxed side, and the curve of the plate works better when you fold it from this side.

Easter paper plate craftYou can paint any design you like, from a pretty pattern…

paper plate craft basket

spring flowers…

easter paper plate flowers craftor a meadow. Have a think about how the basket will look when it’s folded, and you can paint the underneath and sides of your plate to reveal a scene when it’s folded.

paper plate craft spring Once the paint is dry, you need to cut and fold your paper plate to make the basket. Use a ruler and pencil to draw a cross that meets in the centre of your plate.

paper plate gift bag craft

You need to mark a section on each of the four radiuses to show you where to cut your lines – see the photo below as a guide. Our paper plate measured 23cm in diameter and we made each cutting line 7.5cm long.

how to make an easter basket

I’ve used a marker pen here to make the lines easier for you to see, but I’d suggest you use a faint pencil line, so you won’t see it when you fold up the basket. Snip along each of the four cutting lines.

how to make a paper plate basket

Then fold up your paper plate, as show below. Each quarter of the plate overlaps its neighbour to give you a basket shape. You can fasten this in place using staples, sticky tape or glue – depending on how neat and quick you want the finished basket to be.

turn paper plate into bowlUse a second paper plate to make a handle. Cut off half of the rim to give you an arch, and faster it at either side to your basket – again, using staples, tape or glue to suit.

Easter basket craft using paper plateAren’t they pretty? They’re really simple for children to make, and I love each child’s Easter basket will have their own unique art work on.  You can add a little ribbon bow as a final flourish, and fill them with tissue paper and Easter treats.

homemade Easter basket craft

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  1. Linda O says

    This is a great idea! I’M going to put baby’s finger prints around out side for first basket.

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