Bubble painting

Ever tired bubble painting ? I think it’s a classic kids’ art technique – and lots of fun! Here’s a step-by-step guide to making art with bubbles.

The process of making the art is the best thing here as the colourful bubbles grow and grow, but the end product is rather beautiful too. You could hang your finished picture up in your kid’s own art gallery, or you could cut it up to make gift cards or even bunting.bubble painting kids craft 1

Bubble painting

{Before you start you need to make sure your child understands the concept of blowing not sucking through the straw!}

We started by getting our materials ready: some white paper, a plastic tray (big enough to hold our paper), paint, washing up liquid, drinking straws, water

bubble painting 1

We filled our tray with some water, paint and washing up liquid so it was about 1cm deep and mixed it all up. We made up two different trays so we could use two colours.

painting with bubbles

Then, using the drinking straw, we started blowing our bubbles. This bit was great fun!

bubble painting craft

We gently put a sheet of paper over the bubbles to make a print of them. Don’t press down too hard or leave in for too long or you will end up with soggy paper and the bubble print will be lost.

bubble painting for kids


We let the first colour dry (which didn’t take very long) and then re-dipped in the other tray to produce our final picture.

bubble painting

Have you tried bubble painting with your kids?

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