How to make a fairy garden

how to make a fairy garden

How to make a fairy garden

After making our miniature garden last week, the girls re-discovered our outdoor fairy garden at the weekend. The one we made last year has been well played with but was in need of a little spring cleaning, so they hunted round the garden to see what they could find to give it a revamp.

make a fairy garden

An old, broken plant pot has been given a new lease of life as a house, with a path of mussel shells leading up to the entrance – very neatly laid in ascending size order by L.

fairy play ideas

A few twigs for the framework and some woven garden twine provided the fences.

fairy garden ideas

A lucky find was another old plant pot which had been completely overgrown with moss – giving them a perfect circle to make a lawn with. B peeled off some bark from an old log to make a bench and L laid out some cockle shells ‘all in a row’ for a border.

fairy garden

Two longer twigs make an archway, marking the entrance to the garden – I wonder if we can find a tiny plant which might grow over it?

Did you make a fairy garden with your children? If you have a link to share, the girls would love to see where the fairies live in your garden.

Find lots more fairy garden inspiration at the Magic Onions Fairy Garden Competition 2011

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