Child-made gifts: finger knit brooch

Welcome to the second post in our series of ideas for child-made Christmas presents: how to finger knit a brooch. We’re sharing suggestions for gifts that are easy for the children to make and lovely for someone else to receive, and encourage the children to join in with the spirit of the season and give a little something to those they love.

This brooch is do-able for a child from around five upwards, with a little help with the sewing, and an older child (seven-ish) could try all by themselves. You can make the brooch in any colour wool that you choose and it can be put together in the space of an hour. It’s great fine-motor practise for nimble fingers too.

How to finger knit a brooch

First select your wool or yarn. You can use any colour and a thicker yarn will be easier for the children to handle, will knit your brooch faster and give a nice chunky look.
how to finger knit
You need to finger knit a chain of stitches – much easier than knitting with needles.  Hop on over to our step-by-step guide and see L vlog a demonstration of how to finger knit. When B made her brooch she wrapped the wool twice round her finger for each stitch, which produced a thicker chain and a chunkier brooch.

The length of your chain will determine how big your brooch is going to be. We made a chain 22cm long, which turned into a brooch that is 5cm in diameter.
how to finger knit a brooch
When you have finger knitted your chain you need to roll it up, like a snail shell, to make your brooch. Then use a needle and thread (in a matching colour to your wool) to sew a few stitches through the brooch to hold it all together. You can sew so that all the stitches are on the back of the brooch, or sew on them on the front and thread on a tiny bead every so often to give your brooch some extra sparkle.
how to finger knit a brooch
Finally, on the reverse side, stitch on a brooch pin and you’re done. The brooch looks good fastened on to a piece of card or in a gift box and is great for brightening up coats, hats, scarves and bags.

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  1. says

    Oh my. I LOVE IT! Love the idea that you can finger knit this. What a lovely little gift for a child to make. Love love love. Have pinned it for you!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Andrea says

    Adorable!! I’m just curious about how to make a double stitch. How exactly do you do that? Do you end up with three loops and pull one over? Thank you!!

    • says

      Hi Andrea. All you do is wrap the yarn around your finger twice for each stitch, rather than once. So you have two loops being pulled over two loops. It’s just the first stitch that you make that has one loop, all the others have two. Hope that makes sense – give it a try!

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