Miss 5 vlogs: how to finger knit

Although she’d love to know how to knit like her big sister can, co-ordinating those needles and the wool is just that bit too tricky for L at the age of five. Finger knitting is a different matter though – she’s a whizz.

Do you know how to finger knit? It’s a great way to introduce knitting to children as it’s easy to do and gets results they can use and play with very quickly. It’s a great fine-motor workout and also a good on-the-go activity as you can stash a ball of wool in your bag, with no need to worry about pointy needles, and get knitting while you wait in the doctor’s surgery, keeping the kids sitting still and busy at the same time. It’s also rather addictive. Every teddy in the house is getting a winter scarf at the moment – and we have some other finger knitting craft  ideas on the way for your soon.

How to finger knit

Here’s how to finger knit, with a vlog at the end with footage of L in action.

The index finger of one hand is the needle. Your other hand (whichever one you’d use to write with) is going to wrap the wool around and make the stitches.
finger knitting tutorial
Start by making a looped knot in your wool and place this first loop over your index finger.
how to finger knit
Use your other hand to wrap the wool around your finger to make a second loop.
finger knitting
Pull the first loop over the second loop to ‘knock it off’ and you’ve created your first stitch.

Make another loop around your finger. Pull the first loop over the second and you’ve made your next stitch. Keep looping and knocking off and watch your chain grown.

The chains are great for scarves for your teddies and also as friendship bracelets. The thicker the wool you use, the thicker your chain will be. You can also re-knit using the chain you’ve made, wrapping it round your finger, just as you did with the original piece of wool, to make an even thicker chain.

And here’s our How to Finger Knit vlog. Take it away L.

Why don’t you give finger knitting a try and see how you get on? We’ll be bringing you some more ideas for crafts you can make once you know how to finger knit over the next few weeks.

Edited: Here’s how to finger knit a brooch

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  1. says

    Love this!! Such a fun activity. I tried showing my five year old (when he was four) how to finger knit with all 5 fingers of one hand (you get a wider piece of knitted fabric this way), but it was very frustrating for him. I think I’ll try showing him how to do it with just one finger – thank you for the great idea! I remember finger knitting as a child, and loving it. :)

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Hi Nicole – we might give the five finger version a go too, but thought we’d start with something very easy first.

  2. says

    love this idea, I’m going to learn with my kids. My older daughter knits already but this might be easier to take and do anywhere w/out needles. Thank you, Cathy!

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Glad you liked the idea Melissa. I find the knitting with kids thing sooo much more relaxing when I don’t need to worry where they’re pointing those sharp needles!

  3. Janina says

    Hi! Thanks for the reminder! This is the first yarn craft activity that my aunt showed to me when I was little. It led to a life filled with craftiness! ^_^ The resulting chain of “stitches” is actually identical to how one would begin crocheting. Instead of wrapping around, casting off, and pushing down, I would open the loop with my thumb and pointer and then pull the thread through to form a stitch. (The crochet needle does the pulling through for me now.) My son is getting interested in yarn, so I think I will try to show him one method and then the other. Thank you for sharing! In the US I think I have heard this referred to as making a “daisy chain”.

  4. says

    This is wonderful. check out my blog, I taught my daughter how to loom over the summer, she just turn 5 in August. she was really excited when she was done with her hat. I don’t know how to upload a video, but I do have one of her looming. When I found out how I will post it!!

  5. says

    Wow! That looks like great fun! I am definitely going to try it with my little boy.

    Thanks so much for linking up with Fun Sparks.

    Emma @ScienceSparks

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