Create a Pixie Post Office

just so festival pixie post office

I’ve written before about making writing irresistible so children are encouraged to pick up a pencil and start writing and in my last post this week from the Just So Festival I thought you’d like to see their wonderful way to invite all the children to send someone a letter: a pixie post office provided by the FairyLand Trust.

Which child wouldn’t want to pop inside this tent to discover what was on offer inside?

just so festival pixie post office

To make a pixie post office at home or school

:: create a special area for your post office: a tent, a huge cardboard box, under the kitchen table, a small table and chairs in the corner of a room.

:: red and white paint, with some potatoes or carrots for stamping dots could transform anything into pixie land. How about making some red envelopes with white spots? Or a pixie postbox from a shoe box?

:: make some stars from cardboard and fasten them on to the end of pencils (with pipe cleaners twisted round the pencil) to make magic writing wands

:: have the pixies write back to your children overnight, so there’s an exciting letter waiting for them the next morning

What else would you add to a pixie post office?

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And if you like the sound of the festival you can book tickets for the 2012 Just So festival.

Disclosure:our tickets were free but all opinions are our own :)


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