Junk model space rockets and lunar landscape

junk model space rocket

At the beginning of the school holidays when I was restocking our making box I wondered what the children would create from the materials we had – turns out plastic drinking cups make great junk model space rockets!

junk model spaceship

I’ve noticed that during any lull in the holiday playing, when things are teetering on the edge of either a squabble or a little too much anarchy, the sudden appearance of some exciting junk on the kitchen table acts like a magnet, pulling in restless children. The magic works best if the junk is super exciting, such as (ooh!) bubble wrap, (ahh!) freezer bag ties or (wow!) coloured elastic bands.

junk model space theme

This model isn’t a rocket but rather a vital piece of astronaut kit – a cuff which is used to search out alien lifeforms. Very useful on any space mission.

junk model space theme ideas

And how about adding in a recycled lunar landscape for the rockets to launch from. We’d been giving all our garden toys a wash earlier on and the children decided the left over bubbles would be perfect to make a moonscape. They’d be great with some outer space playdough too

If your kids love junk modelling, they might enjoy some of the ideas in our free ebook Glorious Junk!

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    What clever use of your junk pieces! The space rockets turned out awesome and what a fun idea to add them to the bubbles for a perfect moonscape. Looks like you had quite a fun day!

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