Fall leaf crafts :: autumn word tree

We love fall leaf crafts! Anything that combines a dash of the outdoors, a splash of colourful printing and a bit of playful learning is all good with us. We’re going to be using this autumn word tree for lots of different word games over the coming weeks – here’s how to make one.Love this fall leaf word tree - great ides for learning sight words

Fall leaf crafts :: autumn word tree

There are some activities that are absolute classics and every child should try, and I think autumn leaf printing is one of them. It’s such a sensory delight! Children are learning about the changing of the seasons, playing with natural, sensory materials, and creating gorgeous art – all with just a few leaves gathered on a nature walk.

fall leaf printingWe like to use a really big roll of paper for our leaf prints, so we can all work together and make lots and lots of them. We used our kitchen table and I set out a roll of decorators’ lining paper and some plates of paint.

autumn art

Combining a few colours on each plate gives a great effect when you print from them. And we added some glitter glue because… well, you don’t need a reason for a bit of sparkle, do you?

autumn leaf craft

We’d gathered some leaves on our walk that morning – lots of different shapes and showing the first signs of the changing season.

autumn leaf  printing

Then it was time to print. Don’t the leaves look glorious? I think we might repeat this on fabric rather than paper, so we can make a table cloth.

fall word games

This time though, I had other plans for all those leaves. We’re working on learning lots of high-frequency / sight words at the moment and I wanted the leaves to become our word wall for this season. Well, a word tree actually.

We cut out the leaves, and popped a sticker on each one, with one of our spelling words written on it. Then I put a little piece of magnetic sticky strip on the back of the leaves, turning each one into a fridge magnet. {When I started I thought it might take an age to do the cutting out, word sticker, magnet thing for every single leaf, but actually it was really quite quick and easy.}

fall word games


Then we made a tree trunk for our fridge door, and stuck on all the leaves, making ourselves a work-of-art word tree, that looks gorgeous, and which we’ll use time and time again for all sorts of word games over the next couple of months.

Free Autumn Printable

This Thanksgiving printable is great autumn journal page, and also makes a lovely placemat for the Thanksgiving table.

It’s free to download here.

Thanksgiving coloring pages printable

An excellent resource of preschool activities, toghether with 10 printables. Includes math, literacy, art, science and play ideas for thre to fice year olds. Click through to download your copy.

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