Egg carton treasure box make-over

We’re joining in with TinkerLab’s Creative Challenge today with an egg carton treasure box make-over. As soon as Rachelle laid down her challenge to see what we could make with egg boxes my girls were united and divided. Both wanted to make treasure boxes, but each with a very different style to match their individual passions. My princess-loving 5yr old made a treasure box fit for the crown jewels, while my adventurous 9-year-old went for a pirate box. Here’s how they transformed their egg cartons.

Make an egg carton treasure box

Take a cardboard egg carton and peel off any packaging labels.

egg carton treasure box

Select your colours. We used acrylic paint for a good coverage. The princess went for red outside and pink inside.

egg carton treasure box

The pirate went for brown all over.

pirate treasure box

We left the boxes to dry over night and then added the finishing touches. The princess used mosaic stickers to decorate the lid of her egg carton jewellery box. The pirate used black paint to add her details.

pirate treasure box

Both girls decided their treasure chests needed filling with some extra goodies.


The pirate made silver nuggets and coins from tin foil.

egg carton treasure box

The princess made little silver beads from her tin foil and then threaded them together to make a bracelet.

egg carton craft

And she used the pointed part of an egg carton to make a ring – painted inside and out, with extra jewels stuck on. A pipe cleaner threaded through the end turned the gem into a ring.

What could you make from an egg carton?

Hop over to the Tinkerlab Creative Challenge to see a fiesta of other egg carton creations and link up an idea of your own.



  1. Mansi says

    Love the little treasure box. They can have different compartments for various treasures.

  2. says

    That ring is SO fun! How creative. This would actually make great storage for all of the little’s jewelry. It would keep it separated and organized. And she’d love to paint it herself. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing on the Kids Co-Op.

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