Child-friendly New Year’s resolutions

For a few years now I’ve been encouraging the children to make their own New Year’s Resolutions. I think it’s good for them to have goals they set themselves or plans for things they’d like to do.  In previous years we’ve simply made a list of their resolutions but this year we’re using a flower design. We always start by looking over the resolutions from the past and the children are interested to see how they have developed over the years and how their achievements have changed. The girl who once planned to learn how to hop has now progressed to riding her bike without stabilisers.

For this year’s resolutions we started by drawing a flower outline on a paper plate.

Then we cut it out.

I’ve used a flower design with five petals as I wanted the children to think about themselves as a person with several different aspects.  They might be a daughter, sister, school child, friend and member of a community – all at the same time. We talked about these different parts of their life and with my 6 year old we used these words as the focus of a resolution for each petal: what is she going to resolve to do as a sister in 2010? what as a school child? and so on.

My 3 year old found this harder so for her we talked about what she’d like to be doing, trying, learning, how she could be helping and where she’d like to be going.

We glued a picture of each child in the centre of the flower,  wrote one resolution in each petal and then added some colour. We’ve hung them up in their bedrooms so they can keep them in mind through the year.

We’re having a bedtime feast tonight to welcome in the new year and are excited about the things we have planned for 2010.

I wish you and your family a very happy new year too.



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