Yes please to half price play dough!

Use code Thanks13 to get The Homemade Play Dough Recipe book for half price!

Yes please to half price play dough! 

For this week only, use code Thanks13 to get The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book for half price. For just $4.50 you’ll get a whole year’s worth of maths, literacy, art, sensory and imaginary play ideas, all based around having fun with play dough. Arranged seasonally, the e-book is bursting with play ideas for every week of the year. You can see more details of the e-book here and download your copy.

yes i'd like a half price book

Monday’s child is…

in pixie land
What a wonderful idea for dark nights: make a fairy land using fairy lights. Lovely for imaginary play.

Tuesday’s child is…

number matching (see how to play at What Do We Do All Day)

Wednesday’s child is…

making pictures with Christmas scented paint
How to make homemade Christmas scented paint | NurtureStore

Thursday’s child is…

making an Advent calendar
Love this easy homemade Advent calendar idea | NurtureStore

Friday’s child is…

playing Christmas number games (see them at BabyCentre)
christmas math games

Saturday’s child is…

reading a sensory Christmas book
Christmas sensory play for babies and toddlers

Sunday’s child is…

giggling at these Christmas jokes for kids
Christmas jokes for kids

Yes I’d like a half-price e-book!

Use code Thanks13 and download your year’s worth of play dough resources for half-price.

yes i'd like a half price book

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5 comments to Yes please to half price play dough!

  • Cathy, I hope Tuesday’s child has fun with the number matching game! Thanks for sharing our idea.

  • Just a quick note to say thank you for the half price sale! Every single time I look up playdough recipes or activities on internet, I ALWAYS end up at this book! Literally always!!! I was ABOUT to purchase it, then decided to wait one extra day–happily surprised, THAT was the day you released this post announcing its half price deal! I cannot thank you enough for this lovely gift for myself and the children! And all a few days before my birthday! It will be an excellent way to celebrate with some wild pink vanilla scented playdough CAKE! I will be happy enough that I DONT get to eat it because I can’t stand birthday cake yuk! ;D THANK You again!
    Canadian Follower, and Mother of two!

  • UH OH! I purchased this book (like I said above) and I opened it for a half sec on my iPad and cannot find it anywhere! I don’t know if I have to purchase again, or how to find it!!! Is there a way to use my Paypal reciept to retain my copy and SAVE it this time?!?!
    Jeanine ;(

    • Hi Jeanine, I’ve just e-mailed you a new link so you can download the book again. Hope you have lots of fun with the ideas in it ~ Cathy

      • Oh Cathy! Thank you sooo much!! I don’t recall seeing it maybe I should check the junk folder if it came directly from you..I’m so sad that I haven’t been able to figure this out. I do have reciept from paypal just didn’t save the link I guess. I am so grateful that you responded. I will check again! ;D !!! So many gracious thanks! This is the one book I am sooo excited to have purchased lol! :D

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