Why every mum needs Pinterest #PinItForwardUK

Want to know why every mum (and mom) needs Pinterest, and discover some brilliant boards to follow? I have some great picks for you today as I’m taking part in Pinterest’s PinItForwardUK campaign. Read on to discover my top boards for all things kids.

Why every mum needs Pinterest

I love Pinterest! It’s my favourite place online to gather, find and share ideas. Are you using Pinterest yet? If not – come and join us!

Click through here to register and you can follow NurtureStore. It’s really easy to get started. Pinterest will help you get things rolling by suggesting some fabulous boards to follow, and you can set up your own boards to suit exactly what you and your family are interested in. The wonderful thing about Pinterest is that how you use it is really up to you. You choose what to collect on your boards, and who to follow. It’s like an free online magazine that’s just focused on things you love, and that brings you new ideas whenever you go browsing.

There are three reasons I think every mum needs Pinterest.

1. It helps you to be organised

I think I’m a fairly typical mum, running home, kids, family, work. My head is always full of plans and ideas and things to do. Pinterest helps me manage all that. It’s a place to dream, plan, imagine, get inspiration and organise. It lets you collate those gems of fab ideas in one lovely place – ready to dip into again when you need to get organised or take action.

2. It helps you enjoy some me-time

Because you can design your boards anyway you want, and pick who to follow, your own stream of pins is customised to show you just what you love the most. Cakes, gardens, kittens, fashion, interiors… whatever! Create your account and then you have a little online inspiration to browse whenever you get a few minutes to yourself. And because you can have Pinterest on your phone you can pop in whether you’re waiting for your kids to finish ballet class, you’re in the playground waiting for them to come out of school, or you have a few precious minutes before nap time is over.


3. It helps your family have fun

Pinterest is bursting with great ideas for kids. My We learn through PLAY! board has over 300 ideas on it that you can use to have fun with your kids – whether you’re looking for summer activities, ways to make learning fun, or need an idea to use this weekend. Come and take a look!

 nurturestore on pinterest

Join Pinterest and follow NurtureStore

Of course, at the beginning you need some really good boards to follow, so you have interesting stuff to look at when you’re on Pinterest. To get you started I’ve picked my top ten boards for parents: boards that bring you the best ideas around for kids and families. Click the image below and you’ll find my Top Ten Pinterest boards for parents – I think you will love them! You can also see my favourite boards for kids art and craft and my favourites for homeschooling.

pinterest parenting boards

Share your Pinterest favourites

Are you already on Pinterest and have you discovered a fabulous boards for mum or moms? Please share a link to your best board in the comments here so we can all take a look. {and hop on over to visit KidsChaos, Mummy’s Little Monkey and Mummy Loves tomorrow for even more pinspiration as Ali, Jaqui and Polly share their Pinterest gems.}

Happy pinning!

 Pin It Forward UK 2013

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