Wear it pink!

wear it pink fundraising ideas for children

Get the kids to Wear It Pink!

Join the fun on 28th October 2011 and Wear It Pink in support of the Breast Cancer Campaign.

It’s easy for everyone to contribute to the cause – simply wear something pink on 28th October and make a donation of £2 to the charity.

Wear It Pink is a fun campaign, raising money to support the thousands of people affected by breast cancer in the UK, and it’s easy to make a fiesta of the occasion by getting the kids involved in a Wear It Pink! day.

Wear It Pink! fundraising ideas for children

:: Let all the children wear something pink for the day, head to toe or just one thing – fancy dresses encouraged!

:: Hold a scavenger hunt and see how many pink items the children can find in the house

:: Get crafty and set out some pink paints, card, wrapping paper, glitter, pens and pencils and create an enormous Pink Picture

:: Make masks, decorated with pink stickers and feathers and hold a Pink Parade

:: Blow up some pink balloons, put on some music and dance around, trying to keep all the balloons in the air.

:: Enjoy some messy play with a sensory tub of pink custard

:: Eat pink too with salmon sandwiches, pink mini meringues and raspberries, watermelon slices and glasses of pink milk

Encourage the children to think of others, contribute to a charity and have lots and lots of fun.

Find out more about at the Wear it Pink Day Website

  Get ready to wear it pink and be part of the cure!

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