Fairy land fairy house :: Waldorf Steiner play

Continuing our fairy week, here’s how to make a simple fairy house to go in your fairy land.Sweet little fairy houses! Simple to make - the children can each  make their own design.

Fairy land fairy houses :: Waldorf Steiner play 

Did you see our ‘make a fairy’ idea yesterday? Well, of course our fairies needed somewhere to live! To make a simple fairy house all you need is: card :: scissors :: pens or pencils :: sticky tape :: cake cases

fairy house steiner

Everyone started with a strip of card, the right size to fit the scale of our fairies. We drew on a door and some windows…

fairy house waldorf steiner

and used scissors to cut them out. I love the loveheart windows! {If you have younger children, or lots and lots of children joining in, you might like to prepare this stage in advance.}

fairy house waldorf steiner

Then each child drew on the design of their own fairy home. This is a wonderful way to include art, story telling and imagination in your making. Where would your fairy live? Would she have flowers round her door? A cat sat under the window? A stream or grass meadow outside?

how to make a fairy house

Some children might like to take their time and draw a detailed design, some might want to draw quickly so they can make their house and start playing with it straight away.

how to make a fairy house


Then we simply curled the house template round and fastened it at the back with some sticky tape. A cake case popped on the top made the roof {more sticky tape on the inside to hold it in place} and we were ready to play.

Come back tomorrow to see the fairy land where the fairies all live.

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