Top tips to get kids to eat vegetables and Green Giant hamper giveaway

getting kids to eat vegetables

What are your top tips to encourage your children to eat and enjoy their five-a-day fruits and vegetables?

I love using this blog as a way for us all to swap our best ideas and thanks to Green Giant I have a chance for you to win a hamper of goodies if you’ll give me a great tip to get our kids eating their veggies.

I’m really keen to make sure my family are eating healthily and I like to get the kids  involved in what they eat, both in the garden and the kitchen. We’ve had fun growing our own food and trying out child-friendly recipes such as our Chop Chop Salad. I definitely notice that if they are part of the food making process my girls are much more likely to tuck in to healthy food and also try things they’ve turned their noses up at before.

Will you swap a top tip with me?

If you leave a comment on this post sharing your favourite idea or clever way to encourage kids to eat their veggies you could win a hamper of goodies. I’m going to pick the comment I think is the best tip and the person who left that comment will win a delicious Abel & Cole vegetable box together with some Green Giant goodies, so they can put all the ideas into action. You need to leave your comment before 14th November 2011 and be in the UK or ROI.


Green Giant are keen to get families enjoying their five-a-day, everyday, and you can  find and share lots more healthy eating ideas on their Facebook page.

So, over to you: what’s your top tip to get your kids to enjoy their five-a-day vegetables?

Leave a comment and you might win the hamper of goodies!

Terms & Conditions: For your chance to win an Abel & Cole vegetable box , write your best tips/hints/advice in the blogger comment box before the  14/11/2011. Entrants must be over 18 and residents of the UK or ROI – Prize is one Abel & Cole vegetable box (no cash alternative) -There will be 1 winner. The winning post will be decided based on the following criteria: uniqueness/creativity/originality. By entering the competition, you agree that your hint/tip may be shared on Green Giant’s Facebook page and used by Green Giant in any other media.  

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  1. Lisa-Michelle Hall says

    I hide them in the food or mix ones they do not like in with the ones they do such as sugar snap peas in with mange tout all cut up – they cant be bothered to pick through it. x

  2. linda g-l says

    A few tips: home made pizzas, they love to pile veggies on them! Also, we bake muffins with courgettes, carrots, sweet potatoes… Yummy! My children also love “Hulk smoothies” (banana spinach) for breakfast. Lastly, keep a bowl of chopped fresh goodies (carrot, cucumber, peppers etc) on a low table so they are in the child’s eyeline & within reach – they will happily graze & munch.

  3. says

    I also keep a bowl of chopped veggies on a low table.

    I have told my daughter that when she eats veggies she will be healthy and strong.. that carrots are good for her eyesight and beans make her to run quicker and so on :) It helps.

    Also “Lola and Charlie” is a good help.. my daughter loves to eat “little drops from greenland” instead of peas.

  4. Janey L (@janey0142) says

    My boys have improved with eating their veg since we started growing our own and being involved in the whole process of looking after the plants to picking them when they are ready they love it.

    Getting them involved with cooking too, chopping mixing tasting, they are never too early to learn this most important life skill.

    With fruit we always have a fruit platter after a meal so they can pick different fruits mixing dried & fresh which they seem to enjoy esp dried mango which they say tastes like toffee!

  5. Carla says

    I fine chop veg into things where it can easily be hidden like lasagne and pasties and we also collect fresh veg, they like peas straight from the pods.

  6. Hazel says

    Involve the children in preparing and cooking the vegetables – and don’t ask what vegetables they would like, ask what colours they would like on their plates today (and tell them what colours you have in the fridge!).

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