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Day Eleven of our Simple Play series is all about kids in the kitchen. Cooking with kids offers opportunities to have fun, learn great life skills, and work on every day maths and science. Plus you might end up with something yummy to eat too. If you need ideas for easy kids recipes, here are our favourites – all tried, tested and eaten by us!

25+ great recipes for kids to try  NurtureStore

 Top 25 easy kids recipes

We have lots of kids baking recipes for you to try. There are classic recipes such as pancakes and gingerbread, fun seasonal ideas like snowmen crispy cakes and snowflake tortillas, along with ideas for including maths and literacy as you cook.

Great recipes for cooking with kids | NurtureStore

What kids learn when cooking

Can you Crack an Egg?

great ideas for cooking with kids | NurtureStore

Easter bunny recipe

Valentine Crispy Pops

Snowmen Crispy Cakes

Snowmen Ice Cream

Tortilla Snowflakes

Edible Sparklers

easy recipes for children

Choc chip flapjack (baked oatmeal/muesli bar)

Pancakes recipe

Classic Birthday Cake Recipe

Ripe banana recipe

Rocky Road Recipe

Apple crumble recipe

Easy cookie recipe

Fantastic gingerbread recipes for children | NurtureStore :: inspiration for kids

Classic Gingerbread Recipe

Valentine Heart Cookies 

Fall leaf cookies

Spiced Christmas biscuits

Firework Cookies

Christmas Tree Cookies

Gingerbread Houses for Children

cooking with kids : easy recipes

Bake some shapes

Bake the Alphabet

Fruit Cocktail Maths

Flavoured Popcorn Sugar

Mini Meringue Recipe

Rocky Road Recipe

Blackberry and Apple Jam Recipe

Homemade Ice Lollies

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