Three cheeky monkeys

three cheeky moneys song lyrics
Make some props and bring your favourite songs to life, like our Three Cheeky Monkeys and Mr. Crocodile puppets.

Using puppets adds fun to your singing, can help focus the attention of a group of children and provides some toys for the children to use afterwards to act out the song.

Three cheeky monkeys swinging the trees,

Teasing Mr. Crocodile, ‘You can’t catch me’.

When along came the crocodile, as quiet as can be and

Snap! went the crocodile and ate one for his tea.

Two cheeky moneys…..

three cheeky monkeys song lyrics and puppets
B appeared from no-where yesterday with a crocodile she’d made from some cardboard packaging, sticky tape and green circle stickers and as soon as L saw it she started singing. They added some paper monkeys and hey presto we have some fun props to add to our song bag.

What’s you child’s favourite song?  I bet you could dive into your making box and make  some props to go with it.

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  1. says

    Wow love it! simple to make and lots of fun, my daughter loves this song, especially the snap!

    My daughter’s all time most favorite is twinkle-twinkle, She needs the song @bed time

  2. says

    i’ve found that puppets are a wonderful way to get my preschoolers engaged during circle time songs. and boxes?… forgetaboutit… they LOVE creating with cardboard…

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