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chalk play outside hazard

Warning: playing with chalk may turn your cat blue.

This has been making us giggle this week. See what happens when you let your children play outside with chalks. Blue Cat Syndrome! (Of course she had to lie exactly when the girls had been drawing!)

What have you been playing this week? Did you get messy?

play academy

1. Link up a post to share a play idea, craft or activity with us.

2. Add a text link back to the Play Academy from your post to invite others to come and share the ideas.

3. Take a look at some of the other ideas linked and get some fabulous play ideas for the weekend. Bloggers just love to receive your comments, so please take a minute to let them know you stopped by.


Advance Notice:

Friday 24th June will be the Carnival of Water Play – get your ideas ready!!



    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Catherine, the same thing happened to me. It’s a new version of Linky – I’ll get rid of the extras for you.

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Oh my goodness Little Wonders’ Day – don’t give my girls any more ideas!!

  1. says

    Tee hee! I would say poor cat but if it’s anything like mine it positively gravitates to anything I’m doing, and getting into mischief x

  2. says

    This is funny…that reminds me when my sister was around 6 years old and after 1 hour inside the bedroom she got outside with her cat on hands….she cut all the cat’s whiskers because they were long….

  3. Karen Zilkie says

    What a great site! So glad I found you! I have a preschool in my home and was running out of ideas. I am a huge fan and supporter of play based learning. I have a 3 year old who has been with me a year and a half and knows all letters, sounds, shapes, colors, how to mix colors to get the secondary colors, and some numbers. His understanding is amazing and so is his memory. Play based works!

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