The Play Academy #8

Welcome back to the Play Academy community – come and add your link.

It’s Friday again! If you’re heading into the weekend and wondering how to amuse the kids then this is the place to swap ideas and find inspiration.


This week we’ve been inspired by the mega bloks competition Sally is running over at Who’s The Mummy. Block play is great for children of all ages. Babies enjoy holding, passing and dropping the blocks and banging them together to hear what noise they can make. Large blocks like these are a good choice for toddlers as the blocks fit nicely in their chubby hands and are easy for them to independently put together and pull apart. B still likes megabloks now she’s 7. If she’s building a land for her toys to live in these blocks hold together better than her wooden ones and their larger size means she can build her world quickly and then get on with the imaginative play she loves.

Will you share a play idea with us this week?

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And if you’re a fan of children’s crafts you’ll also love Maggy’s Kids Get Crafty link-up each Wednesday over at RedTedArt.

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