Marvellous men: fabulous blogs for Fathers’ Day

chocolate chip cookie recipe

Happy Fathers’ Day! A great excuse to celebrate some inspiring blogs written by men. Here are three fabulous ones for you to check out:

Teacher Tom is a teacher at a preschool in Seattle, a place where the children make the rules, and they enjoy activities such as spear throwing and power drill painting.

Brick by Brick is a blog written by Scott from Nashville who shows wonderfully how kids can take everyday items such as chairs and use them in so many different ways for play. He also promotes giving children their own choices in creative play and discusses how boys will be boys.

What I made is full of ideas for super cool things to make, brought to you by Scott. We love the coke can bird feeder, toast sculptures and paperclip creepy crawlies.

And if you need a super yummy, super easy, last minute Fathers’ Day gift we’d recommend our chocolate chip cookies.

We wish you all a happy Fathers’ Day.


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