Easter bunny and spring lamb cards

Today, less is more. Little made these two Easter cards to give to her best friends at pre-school. They are a very simple design but I think they’re prefect Easter cards for a little one to make, almost by themselves. You can just draw the basic outline and then let them take charge and make a unique card. So easy, you could make them this weekend to send to grandparents in time for the Easter holiday.

Sweet and simple easter cards for toddlers

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Coloring pages :: snowman printable

colouring pages printable snowman

I never used to be a fan of coloring pages, preferring to offer lots of paper, pencils and other art materials to encourage the children to create their own art. However along came L, who really loves to colour in and reminded me that there’s fun and benefit in many different kinds of kids activities.

Children’s creativity can be encouraged in many ways – and best of all when you’re starting out with the individual child’s passions in mind. She seems to find colouring in quite meditative and often sings whiles she’s doing it! So, with her in mind, I put together some snowman-themed coloring pages – and I thought you might like them as a printable too.

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Creative Christmas Countdown :: Play Planner

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Art Explorers: nature art for kids

Our Art Explorers project is back and we’re inviting you to join in with us and try something new with your children this month.

Art Explorers is all about investigating what art you can create with different materials. We love to see how things turn out, but the main focus is on enjoying the process of exploring new materials, combining things in different ways and simply seeing how your kids’ creativity and imagination flows.

In the past the Art Explorers have tried yarn art, going paper free and painting with anything apart from a paint brush. Are you up for this month’s challenge? [Read more…]