The Kids Co-op – we’re back!

This week the Nurturestore kids have been turning yesterday’s news into today’s art. Stop by next week and I’ll show you what they came up with – it’s colourful!

We missed joining in with the Kids Co-op last week while we were Screen-Free, so I can’t wait to dive in this week and see what you’ve all been up to.

Join the Kids Co-op

What have you been playing this week?

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Kids Co-op: the junk edition

kids activities

Happiness reigns in the Nurturestore household this week, where love blossoms between the unlikeliest of play mates.

My picks from last week: a load of old junk

You know we love a good recycle, upcycle idea. Last week’s Kids Co-op had lots to choose from including

:: a terrarium made from a soda bottle (cool!)

:: a fun camera

:: and the best junk model car wash I’ve ever seen. Go check them all out! [Read more…]

Join the Kids Co-op: the messy edition

How much mess can you take? If you think play dough is risky, finger painting is a step to far and glitter brings you out in a cold sweat, look away now. Last week’s Kids Co-op link up had some of the messiest play ideas I’ve seen in a while.

:: how’s this for the worst spring sensory bin idea ever?

:: do you think this will come out in the wash?

:: would you let your child do this in your house?

Check out the [Read more…]