Muffin tin maths

Here’s an idea from our archive that’s all about making math fun. With a little help from chocolate chips this muffin math game is a great way for young children to practise counting.

math games

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Eggheads with cress hair

We make these Eggheads with cress hair every year because the kids think they’re so funny. If you get them ready four or five days beforehand  they will have grown a full head of hair ready for the Easter weekend – which you can then snip off to enjoy with an egg sandwich.

eggheads cress hair

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Fairytale fridge magnets

Fairy tales are such an important part of childhood, helping children explore emotions, and think about experiences in the big wide world from the safe and secure environment of home. Make a set of DIY fairy tale fridge magnets for some fun storytelling of your own.

Create a set of DIY fairy tale fridge magnets for creative storytelling. Great to keep kids busy while you're cooking!


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Kids crafts :: make your own bag

What all the best-dressed kids are accessorising with this season: make your own bag!

A super cute {and easy to make} art bag. Great kids craft!

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Bubble painting

Ever tired bubble painting ? I think it’s a classic kids’ art technique – and lots of fun! Here’s a step-by-step guide to making art with bubbles.

The process of making the art is the best thing here as the colourful bubbles grow and grow, but the end product is rather beautiful too. You could hang your finished picture up in your kid’s own art gallery, or you could cut it up to make gift cards or even bunting.bubble painting kids craft 1

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