Resolutions with kids :: Word of the Year

Are you making resolutions with your children this new year? I love the energy that crackles at this time of year. All the hopes and dreams and possibilities. By nature I’m a planner and a list maker so I love to start the new year with a resolution of some kind. In the past we’ve made a wish tree and wishing wands but today we decided to try something different. Combining art with good intentions we created our Words of the Year..


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Resolutions and fireworks :: New Years Eve for kids


New Year’s Eve will soon be here. Are you celebrating with your children? Here are my three favourite ideas that we use to bring children into the party. Even if they can’t make it though ’til midnight they can still make special resolutions and enjoy some fun – and edible! – child-friendly fireworks.

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Thank you card calendars

calendar thank you cards

Do you send thank you cards for your Christmas presents? It’s something I encourage my two to do but I’d like them to think of it as a fun part of our traditions rather than a boring chore. We try to make sure it involves something they love doing – drawing and making – and not too much of what they’re not so keen on – sitting for too long writing out line after line of ‘thank you for..’ This year we decided to make our thank you cards in to a little gift of their own and made these: New Year Thank You Calendars.

A simple design of one piece of card glued on to a larger one of a different colour, to give us our frame.

A chance for the children to be creative and come up with whatever drawing they thought Grandma and Aunty Jenny would like.

A little calendar, picked up for a few pence from the newsagent, glued on the bottom.

A thank you message they typed on the computer, copied and printed and stuck on the reverse side.

A ribbon attached on the top – and they’re done.

Here are all our other New Year ideas.

Happy New Year!

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New Year crafts and activities

Happy New Year!

Are you making resolutions today? What are your hopes for 2011? I’m over at Ready for Ten this week talking about how you can encourage children to dream big and make resolutions of their own. Come on over and let us know what you think.

If you have younger children you might like the New Year Resolution flowers we made last year.

We think this family calendar is a very effective pictorial way to help children understand the new year and how time works.

And looking back at our archive, 2010 was meant to be our Year of Play. I think we did OK sticking to this resolution, don’t you?

I have exciting things planned for NurtureStore this year. We’ll be bringing you lots of season crafts and learning ideas, with some new things coming along too. Thank you so much for your support last year – for reading along, sharing your ideas and leaving comments. I hope you’ll follow along with us in 2011 and help us grow our community. Please join us, feel free to leave comments on posts on the blog or on or Facebook page, and come and link with our Play Academy, which will be back next week on Friday 7th January. And if you’re not already subscribed to our e-newsletter, you might like to start off your year by signing up in the box on the top right!

Very best wishes for a happy, healthy and playful 2011!