The top 10 play dough ideas :: Simple Play

Today’s invitation in the Simple Play :: complex learning¬†series¬†is to try some play dough. Never made it before? Run out of ideas for something new? Here are my top ten play dough ideas ~ pick one and join the Simple Play challenge.

The top ten play dough recipe and play ideas

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How to make goop recipe

I’m starting a new series here on NurtureStore, sharing some of my favourite recipes for play. Let’s start with something messy: a how to make goop recipe!How to make goop recipe, plus messy play ideas (also know as oobleck!)

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Fall play dough recipes: clove, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg

Here are some favourite fall play dough recipes, featuring autumn colours and lovely warming spices. They’re so wonderful to play with, giving your children a sensory boost on colder autumn days.

fall play dough recipe

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Explosive outdoor art :: spray painting with the Just So Festival

How about some explosive outdoor art, with this spray painting idea from the Just Festival?

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Math games :: bake some shapes

Active math games are more fun than worksheets, aren’t they? I was reminded of a great phrase this week : hands on, brains on! Children learn through their senses, through hands-on play and through doing. This idea combines all three – let’s bake some shapes!A great recipe to have fun with math : how to bake shapes!

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