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Why you should play with your food

Do your kids like to play with their food? I know there are times when we might discourage this and focus on promoting polite table manners, but there are other times when fun food can be just what you need to get reluctant writers, drawers, counters and storytellers bursting with enthusiasm.

We’ve been playing around with  Jacob’s Oddities this week – cute little snacks that come in all sorts of fun shapes that are just right for making art you can eat!

How to turn food into art and creative story telling [Read more…]

Carnival of Maths Play

maths activtiies for preschoolers

Welcome to the Maths Play Carnival!

This week’s Play Academy link-up is all about Maths Play. Please share an idea for any kind of maths play – a new post or one from your archive. Numbers, counting, measuring, patterning, size, shapes, fractions – what maths play do you enjoy? Help us build a fantastic store of maths play ideas we can use whenever we need a new idea.

1. Please link to your actual post, not your homepage.

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4. Grab an idea and go play!

5. Don’t forget to come back next Friday to join in with our regular ‘anything goes’ link-up.

Thanks for joining in – can’t wait to see all your maths ideas!

Ten in the bed game

You can make maths much more fun if you mix in some songs and imaginary play. Today we’ve been counting backwards and singing ‘Ten in the Bed’.

First we took a cardboard box and used some fabric scraps to make a bedsheet, pillows and blanket.

Then we made 10 little people and numbered them 1 to 10. With a bit of a squash and a squeeze they all fitted in.

Then it was time for some singing – and lots of giggling as Little rolled her people out of bed. We’ve done an alternative version of this using our sofa as a bed and Big’s favourite teddies to make up the numbers. It’s very funny when you’re 3 to make your teds whizz out of bed!

A great book choice to go with this is Ten in the Bedby Penny Dale, which has beautiful illustrations.

And just in case you don’t know the song, there’s a cute pre-school class over on You Tube waiting to sing it to you.

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One potato, two potato

One potato, two potato, three potato, four

Five potato, six potato, seven potato more

It’s easy to include some maths in your garden if you’ve been growing your own fruit and vegetables.

You could…

Count how many potatoes you have. Draw up a chart to record the harvest from your garden and add up the grand total of what you’ve grown.

Rank your produce by size from biggest to smallest.

Measure your spuds – ours went from 1cm up to 10cm.

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