Math games :: stamping patterns

In our house we like math games, that make learning how to count, add and times table fun! We also love colour, art, patterns and pictures, so these stamping activities are a great way to create and enjoy whilst working on important math principles. Here’s how we took over the kitchen table with some stamping patterns.

math games stamping patternsMath games :: stamping patterns [Read more…]

Make a house shape pictures

This week we decided to make a house -warming card for the girls’ aunt and uncle – a great way to play with maths and make some shape pictures! My daughter loved this activity and was so pleased to make something to give as a gift. And all the while she was happily creating her picture, she was learning all sorts of important maths and literacy skills, without even realising it. Here’s how we made our shape picture…

make a house shape pictures

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Rangoli, mirrors and photoshoots :: Play Planner

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Why you should play with your food

Do your kids like to play with their food? I know there are times when we might discourage this and focus on promoting polite table manners, but there are other times when fun food can be just what you need to get reluctant writers, drawers, counters and storytellers bursting with enthusiasm.

We’ve been playing around with  Jacob’s Oddities this week – cute little snacks that come in all sorts of fun shapes that are just right for making art you can eat!

How to turn food into art and creative story telling [Read more…]